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Joining The Team

At Adopt-a College Student, volunteers are excited to connect Christian families in the Marshall area with college students from SMSU who are yearning for a home away from home. If this is something you would love your church to be a part of, please prayerfully consider joining our team.
How does it work?
Since there are families from different churches involved, our goal is to have at least one volunteer from each church to be the point of contact for their congregation.
How can I help?
There are three primary ways our volunteers help out:
- We recruit spiritually healthy host families
- We plan two events per semester for all the families and students
- We promote the program/events at our church
I'm interested
Just tell us a little about yourself and one of our volunteers will contact you in the next 48 hours. By filling out the following form, you are not committing to volunteer. This is just to show you are interested and we can take it from there.

Volunteer Leaders

Jacob Hart

Jacob is a husband and father of 1 (so far). He loves being active or doing crazy things, and his favorite hobbies are skiing on water or mountains. His wife Amy has to settle him down sometimes, but naturally, since college students are active and crazy, he decided to join the team and this year they adopted 2 Nigerian guys and 2 Nepalese gals.

Wendy Vanderkooi

Wendy and husband Jeff have have three children who are all adopted; they know how importance of having a family even if you aren't related through blood. Wendy is very involved helping out at church. She definitely has a heart for college students especially now that they have one of their own who is of age. There are several Nigerian guys who are near and dear (especially to their youngest girl Zoe) in their adopt-a college family.

Linda Saugstad

Linda along with her husband Bruce, are SMSU alumni and have lived in Marshall for 26 years. College students are near and dear to their heart as their children Austin, Morgan and Lexi are all college students. As a family they enjoy traveling and, participating and watching sports as well as serving on various boards and mission trips. They were blessed to adopt 3 young women all from Minnesota last year.

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Tara Ryks

Tara is married to Corey and they have 4 kids. Tara loves traveling the world and learning about different cultures. She likes playing volleyball, gardening, being outside, and living on a farm. She joined the team to help some college students meet some fun families and get to know their community! Last year she adopt adopted an American and 2 Taiwanese students, and this year they have 4!

Kevin Hart

Although Kevin is a father of 4, he and his wife Ivonne have housed many college & high school students throughout the years. He loves throwing parties/cookouts at his pool, and loves going to the lake to play with his baby granddaughter. He was blessed last year to be paired with 4 international students from Africa and Nepal.

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