Things to do Together
- Have Sunday dinner
- Tour Marshall, your office, the parks
- Sit together at church
- Give a Christmas or birthday gift
- Do family devotionals together
- Watch the football game on TV
- Go golf, play tennis, or watch a movie
- Send a care package
- Attend an SMSU sporting event
- Help with school supplies
- Do a family cookout
- Send a letter to your student’s parents
- Give a dorm-warming gift
- Do the spring international food fest
- Have a shopping day
- Take them to the family reunion
- Give them a place to study
- Go to the orchard and do a hay-ride
- Help with food for their dorm
- Do a laundry and lunch day
- Go to your child's soccer game
- Help them with their math homework
- Play broomball or go ice skating
- Have a card night
- Go to the bandshell for a concert
- Have a bonfire & s'mores
- Try fishing or boating at the lake
- Go tubing down the river

Ideas Fom Us

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