Hear What Others Are Saying
Hear What Others Are Saying

Nina Chen

Taipei, Tiawan

My name is Nina. And I am very lucky that I met Anita and Dennis in the spring semester. They are the very nicest people I have ever met. When I met them the first time, their son, Tyson, was so excited to see me. Tyson was so kind and treated me like his real sister, and I am also very happy that I had him. Being an adoptive family with Anita and Dennis is my fortune, thank you Bridges, Jacob, and my adoptive family.

Kelli Esselink

Hills, Mn

Going to college I knew God and I knew that I wanted him in my life but I didn't do anything about it. When I got to college I decided to go to Cru and see if I could change how God was in my life. Cru allowed me to go to different Churches as a group to help figure out which one was the best fit for me. After I decided on a Church I was told about the adopt a college student program and figured it would be a good opportunity for me to meet members of the Church and to help me grow.


Two of my friends and I were placed with this couple from the Church. This couple has helped me grow spiritually by doing bible studies with us and taking time to meet with us and just talking. Since coming to college my faith has become a lot stronger thanks to adopt a college student program and I look forward to continuing growth that this program will provide for me.

King Onah

Enugu, Nigeria

My name is King Progress Onah, with all sincerity and honesty I must say the Adopt-a College Student (ACS) program was the stand out program in school for me as an international student. It came in handy in numerous occasions for me e.g Having a home away from home through the love shown towards me by my ACS parents (Jacob & Amy Hart), it was a more reliable way in learning and embracing the American culture just to mention a few.

Furthermore, I strongly believe this initiative deserves an award for being put up for students who came into the United states not knowing a thing about the American way of life. 

Finally, I really hope this program is embraced in all colleges in the United States who have international students among their students in other to create a strong community for non citizens enabling them to acclimatize with their new environments well enough.

Maria Stella

Douala, Cameroon

My name is Maria Stella Baleng, and I am currently a Sophmore. When I came to Marshall, Minnesota I knew just my sister who eventually had to move at the end of the first semester. The Adopt-a College Student program, was a wonderful experience for me, I was warmly welcomed into a family which enabled to familiarize myself with the American culture through our various weekend activities. Not only did I get I to eat delicious home made meals, but I also got to meet wonderful people, and would gladly be part of the program this coming year!

Candle DiSanto

Kerkhoven, Mn

Adopt-A-College-Student was a great way for me to get to know a loving family from the Marshall area in so many amazing ways. What started out as an invitation into someone’s home for a delicious home-cooked meal grew into having a welcoming place to hang out, an encouraging word when I needed it, a discipleship relationship, and a second “home”. It made a big impact on my last year in Marshall and I would highly recommend it!

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Corey & Tara Rykes

Marshall Evangelical Free Church

The Adopt a College Student program has been a very cool experience for our family. We joined the program to help provide some comfort and a ‘home away from home’ to a few college students, but came away with so much more. We were paired up with students who had similar interests with our family and we have enjoyed having meals together, going to Camden and other parks, and just connecting and learning about each other. We set out to be a blessing to a few students, but I would say our family was triply blessed by our three college students in the process!

Denny & Anita Van Veldhuizen

Living Word Church

We wanted to do something more for the Church but struggled to find an outreach that fit into our family's life.  We have 3 small children and it's difficult for us to make commitments that match their feeding, napping, and playing needs.  When we learned that Adopt-a-College Student was looking for families, we knew it was something that we could do.  The requirements (if you want to call them that :)) were spending time together 1-2 times/month in whatever way you see fit.  We could do that! The students are busy with their classes and schedules, so they aren't looking for over-the-top things to do.  They want to experience family while they're away from their own.  We were thrilled to offer that, coated with Christ's love, and will consider doing it again!

Curt & Cheryl Friese

Marshall Evangelical Free Church

How do you condense a wonderful year with two very wonderful girls from Taiwan? They shared their lives and culture with us as well as their enthusiasm for the United States.  We spent time together at volleyball games, seeing the Christmas lights at Sioux Falls park, cooking our favorite foods and just hanging out.   We definitely loved the experience and would recommend anyone thinking of doing adopt a college student to go for it and join us this year in an experience you will long remember.  

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