Info for Students

Why Be Adopted?

You may be thinking to yourself, what's the catch? Why would someone I don't know want to invite me in and treat me like part of their family? The answer to that is a simple: Jesus! As a student you don't have to be a Christian to sign up, but the families we are hoping to pair you up with are bible believing Christians who want to share the love of Jesus with others.

Students who get connected with one of our families will be blessed in many ways. You will have a home away from home and the opportunity to get connected with a local church. Our families have been known to provide a home cooked meal, share special events, and make you feel like part of their family. You will also have several

opportunities to participate in fun large group events with other students and their adoptive families.

If you're a student who is thinking about joining the program but are still unsure, check out some testimonies
from other students who have participated in the past!

Student Expectations

We know no student is perfect, and everyone is busy. Even though this program exists with the intention of serving college students, we do have some expectations for students to commit to:
1. Please participate. We would love it if you would do your best to participate in the 2 group events each semester.
2. Please respond. When your family tries to contact you, especially via phone & email, don't leave 'em hangin. It only takes a minute, and they like know how you're doing even if you can't connect in person that week.
3. Please connect. We ask that students try their hardest to connect throughout the school year when your family asks to hang out.

Important Info

One thing to note is that this program fills up quickly with students, and there are more students that register than there are families. We pair students according to the number of families we have; so that means if things go like they did last year, unfortunately, several students will not be lucky enough to get a family.
We do have a waiting list for extra those students, and last year a few were able to be paired in the 2nd semester.

Student FAQ

How often do we meet?
We ask that families initiate and try to connect 1 to 2 times per month. Please do your best to respond, be on time, and follow through with your commitments to them.
Do I have to be a Christian or go to church to be adopted?
No, we have student's from all different backgrounds and religious beliefs who are part of the program. The way we recruit families is through our local church network, so they may ask you to join them for a church activity and we would encourage you to do so!
How long does it last?
The events we plan and the 1 to 2 times a month we encourage families to connect will last throughout the school year and finish the weekend before finals. That doesn't mean you can't continue to connect and be friends after that; in fact, I have talked to families who have done something similar and stayed in contact years after graduation!
How am I paired with a family?
Based on the info you and the families submit, our team will strategically match you up. Remember, the more info you give when registering, the better we can pair you.
How much does it cost?
There is no charge to be adopted by a family.
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