A Little About Us


At Adopt-a College Student, we are excited to connect Christian families in the Marshall area with college students from SMSU who are yearning for a home away from home.
To make this organization work, we partner with families from Churches that are excited to serve college students and connect them with international students from Bridges and american students from CRU.
How we help
We work hard to try and make connecting as easy as possible, so besides planning the 2 large group events each semester, we also send an email twice a month that gives ideas of special ways to connect with your student that month as well as a reminder for our upcoming events. Last year we were also able to give each of our families free tickets to SMSU football, basketball, and volleyball games!
How we started

This organization started in 2015 with a few people brainstorming on how we could show some love to the college

students in our community. We asked families in a few churches if they’d be interested in adopting a college student for the year and got great response. We had interested college students and families to fill out questionnaires on what their interests were, and from that, the Adopt-a College Student team was able to pair each student up with a family.


Because the number of interested college students was so great last year, many families got paired up with multiple students. We organized a few ‘large group’ activities which included a fall picnic with pumpkin carving - a progressive dinner with a gift exchange - a snow day with broomball, ice-fishing, skating, and snowmobiling - and a spring picnic with some friendly family competition. College students were also invited to various homes for a homemade lunch about once a month. During our first year, many great relationships were formed and everyone seemed to agree that this program should continue for future years.

Parterning With

Student Orgs
Churches & Contact
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